Apple's Interactive Mobile Website Highlights New Features of 2018 iPad Pro


Apple is featuring a mobile website that allows visitors to interact with the 2018 iPad Pro, "the biggest change to iPad since iPad," according to the interactive website's banner (via Reddit). The page features four tabs revolving around the biggest features of the new iPad Pro: screen size, Face ID, thinner design, and new Apple Pencil.

The site starts out displaying an older model iPad Pro with a Home button and large top and bottom bezels, but a tap on the screen swaps this model out with the 11-inch 2018 iPad Pro. These models have much thinner bezels and no Home button.

To unlock the new iPad Pro, users implement a swipe up motion, much like iPhone X family devices. There's also Face ID to secure the iPad Pro, and the second tab on the new website allows users to simulate this unlocking process by swiping up on the tablet's screen.

The third tab lets visitors tilt their iPhone or iPad to see new angles of the 2018 iPad Pro and its thin design, while the final tab instructs users to swipe and attach the Apple Pencil magnetically to the side of the tablet. From here, customers can tap "Learn more" to watch videos, read more details, and purchase an iPad Pro on Apple's website.

The iPad Pro micro-site follows in the footsteps of a similar website that Apple debuted for the iPhone XS and XS Max last September.

You can check out the website for yourself by following this link on the mobile version of Safari or Chrome.

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