Apple Highlights Apple Pay Cash in New YouTube Videos


Apple today uploaded several new videos to its YouTube channel, each one designed to show off the Apple Pay Cash feature available on iOS devices.

Each 15 second video demonstrates the process of requesting and spending money using Apple Pay Cash in the Messages app, and then using the Apple Pay Cash card in Wallet to make purchases.

This isn't the first time that Apple has highlighted Apple Pay Cash, which was first introduced in iOS 11.2. The feature lets iPhone and iPad users send peer-to-peer Apple Pay payments to one another using the Messages app.

Money received via Apple Pay Cash can be used for Apple Pay payments or deposited in a bank account, similar to other mobile peer-to-peer payment services like Venmo.

Apple Pay Cash is limited to the United States at this time, but the feature has been popping up for users in countries like Canada and Australia, suggesting Apple is working on expanding it.

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